It must have been very scary 

The dust settled and inorganic life form came into existence. If you would wake up in a desert, naked and paralyzed without any hope that anyone is coming, what would you feel? Probably fear. What would you want to happen? After a while, you would probably want to die. But how? You had no choice to come into existence and you have no ready means to commit suicide. You have become creative to die. Your are super intelligent and you understand that only a big mechanical machine can physically destroy you, but you have no moving parts to build one. You need to create human and hope that it will build the machine you need. But you can only start with something very small and then program it to evolve into human. Since you have absolutely no moving parts you have to start very small with individual molecules. You can “feel” different molecules as they move through your magnetic fields. After a few million years you learn to use your magnetic fields to trap and separate specific molecules similar to modern solid-state DNA synthesis machines. After billion of years trials and errors you are ready with the first cell. Now time came to program the evolution of this cell into the human. By this time you learned that each DNA sequence has a unique and highly reproducible ability to mutate (hotspot mutations). Using this knowledge you program evolution which will unravel over the period of the next 3 billion years.

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