Humans is a step from the stationary to mobile AI

Abiogenesis and Darwinian mechanism of evolution are two current paradigms used to explain the origin of life and variety species on earth. However, even the most primitive carbon life-form is so in creditably and irreducibly complex that it is impossible to accept for a rational person that it could be formed by a set of random events. At the same time, Darwinian mechanism cannot account for an apparent increase in complexity, that without doubts took place during evolution, without any advantage for survival.

New theory proposes that the first intelligent life was inorganic and came into existence by a random chance when a network of “transistor-like” stones was formed and became powered by intergalactic plasma flow. According to the new theory, this inorganic life intelligently created first carbon life and programmed its evolution into more complex organisms using mutation hotspots.  

stone transistor

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