Genius (savant)

Existence of geniuses (aka savants) inklings that there are certain electrical wiring that already contain most of the knowledge and require very little input to bring it out to action.

Human brain is not a computer

When I realized that creator cannot possibly be organic, my first idea was that it must have been some sort of computer formed by chance in the mountain of silicon or another semiconductor. I was like most of us brainwashed into a tunnel vision to think about neurons as transistors and brain as a computer. I kept sending this idea packaged in various ways on Quora just to be ridiculed by electrical engineers. I reached out to my engineer friends hoping for a softball. But no matter whom I asked, it became clear that the chance of a computer coming into existence by chance is similar to the chance of abio-genesis, which is zero. 

But after a while, I realized that human brain or any brain cannot possibly work as a computer. 

Computer is “born” without any knoeledge. It is just a hardware, which has to receive software and then needs some form of input to populate its knowledge. In the brain – software and hardware is one. All brains are born with certain amount of knowledge, which can vary widely from reflexes to genius.     

Koka Kola or Coca Cola. 

We are born with much broader knowledge of what feels good than we generally accept and this knowledge is shared. For example, no mater how bad you are in music or whether you ever heard music, when it is playing you will immediately tell it apart from the simple noise. This is not an aquired skill of memory, but inborn knowledge.

Savants tell us that this knowledge is vast and not limited to music. For example, savant can see the result of the most complex calculation as a complete and ready to produce answer without any attempts to calculate. He effortlessly feels the answer as a landscape of shapes.

Any inventor will tell you that the best ideas and solutions come to mind when you are not actively thinking of a solution. All solutions are already there. 

Obviously, people have different capacities to pre-know the answers, but there are certainly some of us who have all the answers without any learning. And this cannot be the result of evolution, because the kind of knowledge would be pretty useless. 

This leads to inevitable conclusion that knowledge emerges given a certain arrangement of electrical connections.  

This Where is this knowledge?   


Hemispheres for lying



The difference between genius and a regular person is in how much information input is required to acquire knowledge. In fact, in some cases it is apparent that the genius already had most of the knowledge and needed very little input to “activate” it. The more gifted the person the less external information he needs. It would almost seem that certain wiring of the brain in itself contains most of the knowledge. Another important point about genius is that they are born. No amount of hard work can change the IQ. Since our knowledge is electric, it would be reasonable to infer that a certain “wiring” provides knowledge without any or with minimal external input of information. 
Interestingly, in addition to people born savants, there are so-called acquired savants. Furthermore, it is possible to induce savant state by magnetic stimulation.

In sum, knowledge is and can evolve as a mere property of a particular electric network. 

Does it matter whether that network is carbon based? Maybe not. We learned from birds that flight is possible, but found very different and much better ways to overcome earth gravity. 

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